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UX/UI Jobs

Interested in a UI designer or UX designer position? Trying to find a UX/UI designer position? You have come to the right place

Open positions at TZUR:

  • Junior UX Designer

    Position no. 103
  • UX Designer

    Position no. 102
  • Graphic UI Designer

    Position no. 104

About us

TZUR is the pioneer and leading UX/UI design company in Israel.
The company was founded in 2000, and have completed over 1,400 successful UX/UI projects ever since. You are welcome to read more about us and view our portfolio on our website homepage.

Great UX/UI team,
Excellent work environment

Great UX/UI team,
Excellent work environment


Product UX/UI

Why is UX/UI Crucial for your product quality?


UX/UI Projects

Applications, Products, Web and Complex Systems

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