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UX/UI Recruitment Consultancy

For Start-ups, Hitech, Products, and Service Companies

Who Are We?

We help companies to hire the most suitable UX Designers, UX/UI Designers, Product Designers, Product Managers, Team Leaders, and more. As a sub-activity of TZUR – UX Design, the pioneer and leading UX/UI company in Israel, our expertise is exclusively based on 20 years of experience in locating, sorting, testing, and directing UX/UI experts to various UX/UI positions; while putting a lot of emphasis on matching the right UX/UI experts to the particular needs and requirements of the desired positions.

Why Work with Us?

  • We are solely
    focused on UX/UI
  • We have vast experience
    in UX/UI recruitment processes
  • We specialize in identifying
    the most qualified candidates
  • We are aware of the slight
    differences between
    positions, companies, and goals
  • We have extensive
    knowledge of the
    UX UI field

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