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Our UI/UX design methods combine business strategy along with user behavior
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What is our UX/UI method?

Throughout the years we have completed over 1,400 UX/UI projects for various clients. Our UX/UI design method entails 7 major steps, focusing on achieving business goals, together with paying great attention to behavioral-psychological aspects, decision-making processes and call to action.

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Research & Analysis:

We start each and every UX/UI project with the most crucial stage: RESEARCH.

Our UX team specializes in user behavior analysis. We work together with you to compile the specialized information necessary, in order to achieve the best user experience Design solution for your business. We meet all the key factors in your company, interview users and clients, understand your business goals and conduct benchmark research. If you have a specific critical issue to explore, whether a technological constraint or other, we can work together to explore it further and find the most efficient UX/UI design solution.


UX Concept Design

Obviously, the research is not over and will take place in every stage of the project, but a soon as collecting sufficient amount of data, we start our internal brainstorming to consolidate the appropriate UX concept, a UX solution that achieves the defined business goals. It is also the time we think about the user flow, the main navigation, and the information architecture. Once the UX concept solution is consolidated we present you two (or more) contender design alternatives for your product, mobile application, web or system. From this stage on we start working together, until the solution is adapted to your goals and needs.

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UX Detailed Design

So, we have a UX concept solution, a great navigation, a simple IA, and many useful insights. Now it is time to dive into the small and finest details of the UX. At this stage, we will plan your comprehensive UX design (with much enthusiasm and love) and carefully devote our efforts to wireframe design. We also consider the user scenarios and the mobile adaption needed for usage in small screens.


UI Concept Graphic Design

What an excitement! we are bringing the wireframes to life. At this stage, we learn all we can about your brand identity (if you have one) and enlist our superpowers for achieving the greatest UI graphic design possible. With all humility… we confidently declare to you that we will present you a graphical concept that will blow your mind...TRY US!


UI Graphic Design

After blowing your mind (as promised...) we continue with the UI graphic design stage. We design the remaining wireframes according to the amazing graphical concept we created, including UI graphical object and icons. In web projects, we also consider responsive and accessibility issues related to the UI design stage.


UI Graphical Style Guide

In order to maintain the graphical language, we create a UI graphical style guide, to help your consistency and accuracy. This style guide will also direct your developers when coding the UI during the development stage.



Things are starting to move…

At this stage, we take the graphical sketches and turn them into “live" HTML 5 files (responsive if needed), including JS and UI libraries implementation. We emphasize that we write a very accurate code (pixel perfect) according to W3C standards. You may use the HTML files for development stages or as an interactive demo for presenting your great UX & UI solution to customers, business manager, and stakeholders.


Product UX/UI

Why is UX/UI Crucial for your product quality?


UX/UI Projects

Applications, Products, Web and Complex Systems

By the way, it is very recommended to test the UX at some critical points of the process.

We invite you to read more about it at our Usability Test Methods Page.

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