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Looking for an outstandinga UX/UI company?

What sets apart our UX/UI approach?

Over the years, we have successfully completed more than 1,400 UX/UI projects for a diverse range of clients. Our UX/UI design method incorporates seven major steps, with a strong emphasis on aligning with business goals while carefully considering behavioral-psychological aspects, decision-making processes, and effective call-to-action strategies.

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If you have already taken a look at our portfolio, we encourage you to dive deeper into our comprehensive UX/UI design method and discover how our approach can bring your business to new heights:

Research & Analysis:

We kick off each project by dedicating the first stage to the most crucial aspect: RESEARCH.

Our exceptionally skilled UX team thrives on analyzing user behavior and is always eager to discover the unique and most suitable solution for taking your UX/UI to the next level. Through close collaboration with you, we gather the specialized insights necessary to create the perfect user experience design solution for your business. We delve deep into every key aspect of your company, gaining a thorough understanding of your field of expertise, specific goals and concerns, your users and their various needs and scenarios, and a lot more. This involves conducting interviews with managers, users, and clients, as well as performing in-depth benchmark research.


UX Concept Design

Naturally, the research continues throughout the project, but as soon as we gather a substantial amount of data, we kick off our internal brainstorming session. This is where we consolidate the perfect UX concept, a solution that effectively meets your defined business goals. It's also the time when we carefully consider the user flow, main navigation, and information architecture. Once we've solidified the UX concept solution, we present you with two (or more) design alternatives for your product, mobile application, web, or system. From this point forward, we collaborate closely, ensuring the solution aligns perfectly with your goals and needs.

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UX Detailed Design

Alright, we've got a solid UX concept solution in place, complete with a fantastic navigation system, a well-organized information architecture, and a wealth of valuable insights. Now, it's time to dive into the finer details of the UX. At this stage, we'll pour our passion and expertise into meticulously planning your comprehensive UX design. Our dedicated efforts will be focused on creating wireframes that capture every detail with precision. We'll also carefully consider the various user scenarios and ensure smooth mobile adaptation for optimal usage on smaller screens.


UI Concept Graphic Design

Oh, the excitement is building up! We're ready to bring those wireframes to life and unleash our superpowers. At this stage, we dive deep into understanding your brand identity (if you have one) and harness all our creative energy to deliver the most impressive UI graphic design imaginable. With utmost humility, we boldly declare that we'll present you with a graphical concept that will truly blow your mind... Go ahead, give us a shot and witness the magic firsthand!


UI Graphic Design

After delivering on our promise to blow your mind, we seamlessly transition into the UI graphic design stage. We meticulously design the remaining wireframes in alignment with the stunning graphical concept we crafted, paying attention to every detail, including UI graphical objects and icons. For web projects, we go the extra mile by considering responsive design and ensuring accessibility throughout the UI design stage. Our goal is to create an exceptional user experience that looks and feels incredible across all devices.


UI Graphical Style Guide

To ensure consistent and accurate implementation of the graphical language, we create a UI graphical style guide. This invaluable resource serves as a reference point for maintaining visual coherence throughout your project. It not only helps you maintain consistency but also guides your developers during the coding phase of UI implementation. The style guide becomes a trusted companion, ensuring that the essence of the design remains intact and shines through every step of the development stage.



Exciting times lie ahead!

During this pivotal stage, we take those graphical sketches and bring them to life as "live" HTML5 files. If responsiveness is required, we ensure the files are responsive as well, and we implement JS and UI libraries to enhance the functionality and interactivity of the design. Our emphasis is on precise and accurate coding, striving for pixel-perfection while adhering to W3C standards. The resulting HTML files serve multiple purposes. They can be utilized during the development stages as a solid foundation, or even used as an interactive demo (or “mockup”) to showcase your exceptional UX/UI solution to customers, business managers, and stakeholders. The possibilities are limitless!

By the way,

we highly recommend conducting usability testing at critical points throughout the process.

We invite you to delve deeper into the topic by visiting our Usability Test Methods page.


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Looking for an outstandinga UX/UI company?
We'd love to join you on your design journey.