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UX Courses & Lectures
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UX Lectures for Companies

As part of our UX expertise, we offer UX courses, lectures, and workshops for enterprises, hi-tech companies, and startups. Our professional lectures cover various aspects of user experience, including cognitive & behavioral psychology, decision-making, human behavior, infographics, and more. These lectures, which are very profound and well crafted, give viewers and listeners a new perspective on user experience while illustrating various issues from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

Academic UX Courses

Academic & external UX courses for undergraduate, MA and associate degree students:

  • UX Design course The Open University

    As part of the Associate Degree program

  • UX Design for managers Tel Aviv University

    As part of the MBA program

  • Advanced UX Design Reichman University

    As part of the Interactive Communication program

About The Lecturer

Aviram Tzur

Aviram Tzur, founder & Co-CEO at TZUR – UX Design, a pioneer and leading UX/UI design company (for web, applications, mobile and complex systems), with over 1,400 successful projects in 20 years of activity. Aviram is a senior UX expert & strategic consultant for various leading companies in various fields, including hi-tech, communications, e-commerce, traveling, finance, insurance, and more; and a highly evaluated lecturer at companies, universities, and colleges (Tel-Aviv University, Reichman University, Open University) in the fields of user experience, cognitive & behavioral psychology, user behavior, and decision-making. During the years, Aviram has been an advisor and mentor for many UX & UI experts, and since the year 2000 he has been researching, analyzing, and creating UX design methods for improving the UX of websites, applications, and complex systems. Aviram holds an MA degree in the field of behavioral economics, and he is considered as one of the UX design pillars in Israel.

UX Courses & Lectures

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